Judge Me Not #5 – Sharing is Caring

After a month of virtual sessions, the support group met each other for the first time in person, at Green Wings Recovery Centre in Petaling Jaya. The group flourished and bonded deeply through the weekly sessions and also with the daily affirmations and motivational quotes in the Whatsapp group. The meeting turned out to be a joyful reunion of sorts for the participants, which was made merrier by the hearty food lovingly brought by everyone to be shared. 

The theme for the day was sharing, and everyone was encouraged to share something with the group. One of the more shy participants surprised us by wanting to share a dance choreography that we would all be learning as a warm-up for the day. I must admit, it felt great to let loose on a sunny Sunday afternoon with a few lovely ladies and a great beat. 

The space was comfortable and welcoming, with lots of room for movement and lovely sofas to sink into. We each took turns to share something from the heart, whether it be work-stress related, health issues and even some rather personal experiences. It was an eye-opener for me, to hear the sort of trauma that some of the participants had been through in their lives, as they certainly did not show it outwardly and always seemed to have a cheerful demeanour during the sessions. I had new-found admiration for these ladies who did not allow their trauma to define who they are, but rather used it as a means to create awareness and help other women with similar experiences not feel so alone in their trauma. 

The whole concept of sharing was simply to establish the safe space that had been created virtually, and this was certainly achieved in this little get-together.