Green Wings Mental Rehabilitation Center

Are you or your loved ones struggling with some kind of addiction or mental health issue? It definitely is heartbreaking to be in such situations where you might feel hopeless and assume there will be no way out of them. Well, fear not – if you are looking for an impressive mental rehabilitation center, then Green Wings might be just what you need! From the very beginning of our establishment, we have been devoting our expertise to providing round-the-clock service for the sake of your own comfort and convenience. Our reputation as the go-to private mental rehabilitation center not just in Petaling Jaya but throughout the Klang Valley is most certainly something you can look forward to when you reach out to us. Whether you are seeking help for yourself or on behalf of other people, Green Wings will always be here to lead you to a better life.

What Makes Us Great

  • Our staff are highly skilled in their field of expertise, and come with years of experience handling clients from different backgrounds.
  • We believe that mental health affects anyone regardless of income bracket, and that the stigma behind seeking treatment should be eradicated. We aim to make mental health treatment affordable, available and customised to suit your individual needs.
  • Addiction therapy does not stop at seeking treatment to end addiction. After Care programmes are designed to integrate clients back to their families and society successfully to continue leading their lives productively.
  • Self-care comes in many forms for different people. We have amazing wellness programmes to rejuvenate and recharge physically, mentally and emotionally which are open to the public at affordable prices.

Who We Are

Green Wings is the collaborative initiative of the brightest young minds in the mental health field in Malaysia, aiming to empower people from all walks of life with mental health awareness and enable them to seek customised treatment that is affordable and sustainable.

What We Offer

We offer the following services at Green Wings:

  • Inpatient admission (local and international) for addiction therapy and treatment.
  • Outpatient treatment for addiction and other diagnosed mental health issues.
  • After Care programmes for rehabilitated addiction clients (in-house and external are welcome).
  • Wellness Programmes (open to public) for holistic mental health care.
  • Educational and Industrial packages:
    • Motivational Talks
    • Team Building
    • Family Workshops