Employee Wellness Programs Malaysia

More corporations now realise the importance of their employees’ well-being for better productivity and as part of their corporate social responsibility towards community health. Hence, the need for a proper corporate wellness program in Malaysia that emphasises on  physical and mental health among the workforce has certainly gone up as well. As one of the main points of reference for employee wellness programs in Malaysia, we at Green Wings organise different workshops and team building exercises for educational institutes and enterprises as part of their company initiative for their employees’ well-being.

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How well is Malaysian mental health in the workplace?

It was discovered that an estimated 500,000 Malaysians show depression-related symptoms, based on a report by the National Health and Morbidity Survey in 2019. That is why we are unapologetically committed to focusing on various employee wellness programs in Malaysia, especially given the complexity of the modern workplace environment nowadays.

53% of Malaysia’s workforce, according to a 2018 article from The Edge, experiences significant levels of work-related stress, while 20% of employees exhibit depression and anxiety symptoms. Such occurrences have obviously been made worse due to COVID-19.

In May 2022, The Malaysian Reserve published an article claiming that more than half of this country’s working population had their career progression negatively affected by the pandemic. Meanwhile, almost 60% experienced job burnout during the Movement Control Order (MCO) when the work from home policy was implemented.

Without in-depth and immediate intervention from employers, the impact could be felt across the board. The World Health Organization (WHO) once projected that lost productivity caused by depression and anxiety would cost the world US$1 trillion annually. To combat such an issue, we strive to come up with an effective corporate wellness program in Malaysia, to cater to all sorts of business outlets.