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Gambling Addiction Malaysia

gambling addiction malaysia

Gambling Addiction

In general, gambling can be defined as the act of placing a bet or a wager on an occasion with unknown results with the goal of gaining more money or valuables than the original sum. According to a 1974 theory by psychiatrist Dr. Robert L. Custer, people who gamble can be further classified into one of six different categories, which are:

  • Professional
  • Anti-social
  • Casual-social
  • Serious-social
  • Relief and escape
  • Compulsive

With the exception of professional and casual social gamblers, those within one of the above categories are at risk of developing addiction problems without proper supervision and self-control.

When it comes to gambling addiction in Malaysia, quite a few patients tend to opt for similar methods used in regular drug addiction treatment due to their effectiveness.


Causes of Gambling Addiction​

There are several reasons why some people turn out to be heavily addicted to gambling activities. These may include:

  • The need to make some quick cash
  • Yearning for excitement and an adrenaline rush
  • Tempted by the high social status that comes with lucrative gambling


When left untreated, a person might end up suffering from severe gambling addiction if they exhibit certain behaviours, such as:

  • Being overly secretive about their gambling activities and financial situation
  • Keep on gambling despite running out of money
  • Unable to control or stop gambling altogether
  • Developing strained personal and professional relationships

Additional Risk Factors for Gambling Addiction

On top of the main causes, gambling addiction can also be triggered by the following aspects, for instance:

  • Personality traits
  • Use of dopamine agonists
  • Mental health disorder
  • Influence from a family member or peer


Typically, the most common method implemented in order to combat gambling addiction in Malaysia is a series of therapy sessions that include behavioural exposure. Other than that, much like any other drug addiction treatment, anti-depression medications can be administered to alleviate gambling tendencies.