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Drug Addiction Treatment Malaysia

drug addiction treatment in malaysia

Drug Addiction

Many people don’t think that they’ll get addicted to drugs, much less require addiction treatment in Malaysia and often underestimate this dangerous addiction. It can lead to damaging behaviours before one realizes it.


Symptoms of drug addiction include but are not limited to:
  • Feeling shaky, depressed, sweaty, sick to your stomach, and having headaches after the drugs wear off.
  • Losing interest in the things you used to enjoy doing.
  • Struggling with doing normal, basic daily tasks.
This disease often negatively impacts one’s brain and behavior and, inevitably, their mental state and health as well. There’s an important difference between addiction and abuse. Drug abuse occurs when legal or illegal substances are used in unintended ways. Drug addiction, it goes beyond physical dependence or tolerance. It’s when you can’t stop, no matter how much danger you’re putting yourself in. Even if a person wants to quit, they find that they can’t. There’s also a common misconception that drug addiction does not pertain to things like alcohol, nicotine, sleep, anti-anxiety medications, and other legal substances. This extends to prescriptions, illegally obtained narcotic pain medications, and opioids.
drug addiction treatment

Causes of Drug Addiction

Drug abuse happens when a person wants to feel good, relieve stress, and/or as a means of escaping reality. Some of these causes include

  • Genetics
  • Environment
  • Mental health problems
  • Social pressure
  • Early drug usage
  • Chronic pain
  • Medical conditions

Additional Risk Factors for Drug Addiction​

Drug addiction also potentially leads to:
  • Discrimination or stigmatization
  • Depression
  • Social isolation


We provide holistic and comprehensive addiction treatment in Malaysia as drug addiction is a serious illness demanding compassion, open-mindedness, and understanding towards the individual who is in need of drug addiction treatment in Malaysia.

Drug addiction treatment in Malaysia can be difficult, but not impossible to cure. The sooner it’s treated, the likelier it is to avoid further, dire consequences.